Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spotted at Rite Aid

(apologies in advance for the formatting---quick posting from my iPhone app!)

New Maybelline summer products! Apparently they're continuing the "bouncy" gimmick with Dream Bouncy Bronzer....

However, their "glow" products seem interesting. Might try the bronzer or one of the illuminators.

Also, the new Colorstay Whipped foundations from Revlon look promising...having a VERY hard time finding anything paler than Buff 150 anywhere. At Rite Aid (pic) they don't even have a slot for the Ivories, and at CVS they do, but have been empty each time I've gone.

And lastly, select Cover Girl shadows, trios, and quads are 75% off! I presume because they are re-vamping the packaging. Rite Aid seems to be the only place having these on clearance for that reason, though. Sale goes through 7/7/12.


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