Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rant Post!!

Hey all! First off: apologies for not delivering on the promised upcoming posts! I was going to do an Ulta haul post today, but two of the four items I bought yesterday need to be returned! I decided to try the Physicians Formula Redness Relief moisturizer and cleanser, seeing as they were way cheaper than at Walmart (on sale for 9.99 and 5.99 respectively), plus there was an attached "buy one get one free" coupon so I could try both for ten bucks!

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The angle is weird because of how the bottle is shaped,
but I swear to you, that is NOT a shadow!!
But. I opened the cleanser to see what it looked like and how big the "real" bottle was (the outer packaging is just a facade) and it looked like there was stuff...for lack of a better word, growing on/in it. The cleanser was a milky greenish white color, but it looked like someone sprinkled green powder on it! Celery powder is actually the first thing that popped into my head. I think I need a Bloody Mary!

Also, I opened the moisturizer bottle, mostly because by then I was beyond paranoid, and the straw for the pump was missing, so I can't actually pump any product out.

How exactly do they want me to use this?
Looks like the straw might have fallen down into it,
but my little fingers can't get in there!

I'm fairly new to this particular Ulta, and so far I am not impressed at all. Only one  This, however, is the first time I've ever had to take anything back. Thankfully, there's another Ulta in Hendersonville and one in Chattanooga should I ever want to drive that far. Since the only "real" reason I go to Ulta is for the deals I can occasionally get, I think I'll stick to Sephora for high-end and I'll just order NYX online. 

Sweat resistant? We'll see...

I suppose I can post my two other purchases, since I'm pretty excited about them. I picked up the NYX HD  Studio "stay matte but not flat" Powder Foundation. A little wary of it, since my HD Studio Liquid Foundation probably only earned a 3.5 out of 5. But with summer coming, I needed a foundation to control some oiliness and the colour is actually perfect. 

I like theirs better than MAC!

Close-up of the color,
 looks a bit yellow in there but
 not enough to turn me off.

It comes with a sponge that I'm actually pretty happy about. People hate on them all the time, but for powder foundation I like them a lot. Spritz a little bit of water on it, dip into product and blend to your heart's content. I also prefer the feel of NYX sponges over MAC or even drugstore packs of them.
Final purchase is a staple in my beauty bag: Neutrogena Night Calming Makeup Remover Wipes. The regular ones left my skin feeling tight, even after moisturizer; and the hydrating ones broke me out like no other. Cystic acne. Cystic acne which I've never gotten before in my life. Stopped using those and gave one final try for the Night Calming ones and woo! I love them. One wipe takes off all of my makeup, even the heaviest waterproof mascara. The scent is pleasant and not overpowering and my face feels fine, lightly moisturized even, after using them. Three months and four packs in and no breakouts. I normally buy them at CVS or Walmart for about $7, but Ulta had them on sale for $5.79. Plus it's in a cute little purple pouch. How can you not love that?

Holy Grail product right here. As you can see, I've already opened it.

    Sorry for the rant and the weird small haul, but there should be a few more posts this week!!


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