Thursday, April 19, 2012

Concealer Conundrum

To put concealer on before or after foundation, that is the question.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to have a clear answer. What are beauty newbies to do? Industry professional, Bobbi Brown, writes in her book “The Makeup Manual” to put concealer on before foundation, citing that this way you will end up using less foundation in the long run.

Others say to put concealer on after foundation, because if you have a good enough foundation, then you’ll use less concealer since the foundation will have already covered up some of the things you needed to conceal.

Both sides say you’ll lose less of one product in favour of using the other. Which camp do you fall into?

I’m a bit of both. I use under-eye concealer (MAC Select Cover-up in NW15 or Hard Candy Glamouflage in Light) before my foundation, and a blemish concealer (MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 in NW15 or  Hard Candy “Nobody’s Perfect palette in Light) after foundation. My dark circles have been horrible lately, and so before foundation seems like the best time for me to try and conceal that area. I’ve also noticed that with my dry skin, if I try to cake on concealer under my eyes after foundation is there, it just goes right into my fine lines and becomes very obvious that it’s there. And nothing screams “too much makeup” like concealer under your eyes going “hey. hey. psst. guess what? you’re trying to hide something. everyone knows it.”


Except maybe the hard line of foundation ending at your jaw.

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