Saturday, May 5, 2012

Subtle Iron Man Eyes

Is there really anything subtle about Tony Stark....?
After the Captain America eyeshadow fiasco, which will be summed up below, I was not looking forward to doing another Avengers look.

Thus, this Iron Man EOTD was born. It was a relatively simple and beginner-type look. I didn’t want anything like I had done with Captain America. The best part is, it’s all drugstore products so it was SUPER cheap.

The pics below were taken in natural light. And the red-smudge below the outer corner is a mistake....I get messy and I couldn’t get that off!! The slight hint of yellow liner on the lower lashline is correct though.

I like this because it's not outwardly bright or obvious. But if I say I was doing something for Avengers, you'll immediately know this as Iron Man. It's also soft enough that I'm wearing it to the library and not scaring any children. Which is usually a plus. Not always.

Click Read More to see more pics and find out what I used!

Products Used:
  • Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadow palette in Not Just Nudes. I used the lightest shade on the palette, when looking at it, it’s the one furthest to the left. Wonderful neutral coloured cream base, blended with my fingers over my entire eyelid up to my brows.


  • Wet n Wild Color Icon in Brulee all over from lashline to brows
  • CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 4 Kit in Coffee Shop 260 (individual colors don’t have their own names, so bear with me on descriptions...)
    • burnt orange shade - applied from lashline to crease
    • yellow shade - applied to inner corners from tear duct to where nose meets browbone
    • dark chocolatey brown shade - applied as a slight smudge to outer corner, too much made the lid look ruddy
    • very pale yellowish tint shade - used as a highlighter on browbone and very inner corner

  • Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Enhancing Cream Liner in Brown Eyes
    • Applied brown liner with Sephora Pro angled eyeliner brush #23 to upper lashline
  • Same CoverGirl Palette as above
    • Applied a thin line of the  yellow shade with Sonia Kashuk angled liner brush to lower lashline. Worked better applied wet with water (or contact lens solution, my personal preference)
    • Dusted very lightly with my fingers the burnt orange shade onto the brown cream liner near the inner corner.
    • NYC Big Bold Ultra Volume Mascara in Extra Black applied in two coats to upper lashes, wiped wand off and applied very light coat to lower lashes.

Did you like this look? Do you think it sucked? Let me know!

(Also, my Captain America incident is that I purchased NYC City Mono Eyeshadow in Manhattan Gaze [a nice blue color] and it is the most difficult eyeshadow to blend that I’ve ever encountered in my life. First off, the color payoff is non existent. On one eye I tried dry, and one I tried wet. Nope. Wet doesn’t go on at ALL, even with my secret weapon, contact lens solution. Blending (dry, obviously) is near impossible, as soon as I tried to touch it with a brush the shadow CAME OFF my lid. And yes, I used a primer. I had to pile enormous amounts of shadow on, just to actually cover and blend. I took Hard Candy Eye Def Cream Shadow in Rose Amour (a nice red) and used it as a thick liner on my upper lashline, and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Deviant on my lower lash and waterlines. Used Milani Shadow Eyes 12HR Wear Eyeshadow stick in Winter White as a highlighter and also drew a star below my eyes. Welp. That didn’t blend as a highlighter either. So I ended up looking like a hooker who is really, REALLY patriotic. I tried it again later that night, but we were in a time crunch so I looked even worse. Bah. Movie theatres are dark anyway. And the Avengers rocked.)

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  1. I should learn your blending secrets! Fabulous job, lady~ We should have like, ALL THE MAKEUP Day or something, lol